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We have put together a FAQ section about general questions related to buying, owning or on-going management of a Domain name.

But it's not always possible to include all points. So if your interested in more Info, related to who, what and where we are. We hope this page answers some of those questions quickly for you.

If you need greater detail, please feel free to phone or email us, so we can advise you on what further information you require.


Tel: 01902 344234

Do you support resellers through your Tag? - As is a Nominet Channel Partner authorised as a for the .UK Domain Family of domain names. We can support resellers through our Tag [COM-MA].

How many days before a domain expires do you issue an expiry notice to your customers? - We notifly our customers 1 calender month before the domains renewal date. All domains are automatically renewed for our clients, unless notice is given 28-days prior to the Domains expiry date.

How do you make customers aware of your terms and conditions? - As we work directly with our Clients, we will advise you directly in person of our T&C's at the point of sale. Theses terms are very simple, all Domains need to be paid for on or before renewal dates. Failure to observer this will result in the suspension of domains services.

We are acting as Domain Managers for Client's Domain Portfolio, as well as authrorised resellers for domain naming authrorities. Domains are ultimately issued via Nominet or other 3rd parties, at no time is domain 'ownership' implied or given. Domains remain the sole-property of the naming authority, through which ma-design is an acting agent for.

What you charge for the domain-name related services you provide? - Our Professional Services Fees for undertaking any domain-related services, is outline in our current Professional Rate Card, which is avaiable upon request.

How you deal with expired and expiring domain name registrations? - Notice is given 28-days proir to a domain names renewal date. Subject to being given notice of cancellation of a Domain, all domains are automatically renewed 14-days before renewal date avoiding issues with potential loss of a domain.

How Your Customer can renew a domain name? - Domains are automatically renewed 14-days proir to renewal date for all of our clients. To opt-out or cancel any domain from being automaticially renewal, we will need your clear confirmation/ instruction 28-days prior to the Domains expiry date.

What charges, if any, you make where a Client is transferring their domain names to a new Registrar, or is otherwise terminating their contract with you? - Subject to all associated costs or accounts have been resolved before request of transfer, the following fees for Domain transfer are applicable:

£10 +VAT.
Our Adminstaration Fee: £25 +VAT, for the 1st Domain, with additional Domains charged at £15 +VAT.
Transfer of Domains, take approximatly 1-2 hours subject to all conditions being meet.

If you have any further questions about .UK Domains, please feel free to contact us: 01902 344234.


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Domains Portfolio Management
Frequently Asked Questions about Domains general fall into 2 camps, ownership and issues, we can help you with both - Tel: 01902 344234
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Description: Graphic designers that empowers your companys brand., Based in Penn, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, UK. With over 37-years of marketing excellence.
ma-design | 37-years providing creative design solutions, Based in Penn, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, UK. We can provide design solutions from business cards, right through to major advertising campaigns.
GEO Position: 52.555572,-2.158695
GEO Place: Penn, Wolverhampton, West Midlands. WV4 5HU

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Schema Type: Product
Legal Name:
Brand: Quadranta
Logo: Our company logotype
Company Description: has over 37 years of expertise in Design, Marketing and Branding #UKmfg, creating business success and opportunites.

Owns: Design, Branding and Marketing Professional Services Company.
Founders: Mr Clive Moore MA pg Dip BA(Hons)
Year Est: 22/06/1987
Address: 4 Church Villas, Vicarage Road, Penn, Wolverhampton, West Midlands. WV4 5HU United Kingdom.
Tel: 01902 344234
VAT No: GB 478 9845 63
D-U-N-S®: 234492838
Client Audience: PeopleAudience

Design Management

For over 37 years, has been providing strategic design solutions to clients marketing needs ranging from; creating Brand equity, creating Blue Ocean strategy, to Brand re-positioning and on-going monitoring,

We specialise in Design Management techniques that brings together a wide range of creative disciplines together to co-ordinate and optimise the design process, through collaboration with a wide range of specialists designers and business consultants to ensure the success of every project, including: Studio managers, Market researchers, and Logistics specialists
that ensures for the final success of all design projects undertaken for our clients, including: FOSROC, 3M, Meyrick BUILDERS, and Drywite Limited

Our Design Services

Our commitement to providing a focused Design Management service for our clients is backed by our 37 years working within a wide range of industries and market sectors, including: Charitable Trusts, Electronics, and Maintenace Management.

From experience we have developed a range of design services to compliment the end-needs of clients working within these specific fields from; Product Photography, Industrial Photography, Vehicle Signwriting, to Print Management

Social Media

Being involved with the development of online services since 1996, we have embraced the world of social media, from creating company profiles on twitter, or Facebook. Through to creating viral advertising campaigns on twitter for our clients - perhaps you should tweet us to find out more about our services on twitter @quadranta

Web Hosting

As being involved with both web design and hosting since 1996, we specialise in providing Web Site and Data Hosting solutions to meet exacting business needs for both access and security, from: Data Hosting, Web Site management, to Server Management.

Our Products

As designers, we develop new and intuiative design solutions to meet clients specific marketing needs. But we also supply off-the-shelf solutions that provide quick, but effective solutions, ranging from: Exhibition Pop-up Stands, Point-of-Sales materials, to Domain Names.

Public Relations has a strong commitement to providing both editoral and product news via a wide range of media, including: publications and social media.

We currently use the following social media for all company and product annoucements: @madesign54, quadranta,, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

Industrial Associations

We are so keen to keep abreast of both new technology and marketing processes that can benefit both the packaging industry and end-users directly. In view of this we strongly believe in collaborating and sharing information with other members of key Industrial Associations within the Electronics, Electrical Contractors, Manufacturing, Pneumatics, and Electro-Mechanical Engineering industrial sectors.

We are currently active members within the following Associations or Groups, including: DMi, and Design Management Institute.

Tell us about your Marketing and Design needs

We aim to please our customers doing our best to provide you with a quality experience, whether you are looking for; Web Hosting Services, or want Signwriting services.

We will always be pleased to talk with you about Brand Management, Advertising, or Domian Name Management needs.

Phone us now on: 07956 344114