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‘Can we have a .UK Domain?’

We get to hear this a lot...

Here are a few common FAQ's to quickly answer any questions you may have about buying, owning or on-going management of your most vaulable online asset, your Domain Name:

  • Domain acquirement
  • Domain transfers
  • Domain dispute resolution
  • Domain re-sales

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Do I own a Domain name? - Sorry, but the answer is technically no, what you have is a "usage right" of the domain for a contracted period of time, usually 2-years subject to purchase and availablity. All .UK 1st and 2nd level domains are issued via, who are the UK naming authority. is a Nominet Channel Partner authorised as a for the .UK Domain Family of domain names

Who or What is Nominet? - is the UK Domain Name Registry. Founded on 14th May 1996. The body is responsible for the administration of 1st level and 2nd level Domains ending in .uk. It is a non-profit organisation, limited by guarantee. It is recognised by the UK government as the official registrar of the .UK family of domains.

How do I buy a Domain? - Easy really, but first we have to make sure that "your" chosen name for a domain is available. If your name is "unusal" there is more chance of being able to obtain a domain name for you, but if it's a "generic" name, chances are its already been taken. Once you have decided on a preffered "name" that is also available, the process of securing the Domain name takes literally 10 to 20 minutes. Full administration of the Domain takes about 1-2 hours to complete. Assigning the Domain to your web host, is an additional service we can also provide.

What Costs are involved? - As a UK registrant for we cannot provide Domains for Free. "There is no such things as a free domain." We prefer to be realistic and charge a Professional Fee for undertaking both the Admin and on-going Domain Management on a bi-yearly basis. The are set by Nominet. As a , for Nominet, we charge a Professional Fee for organising the purchase of .UK Domains for you.

We have a Free domain, why do you charge? - As explained above "As there is no such things as a free domain." FREE Domains, are a loss leader for many domains name companys, who then charge premium rates for all associated services - i.e. Web hosting, e-mail accounts etc.
We see "Domains" as a primary product, that requires the fullest attention of detail to maximise your companys Profile and above all Brand.
Now does that explain why we make a Professional charge for our services... Did you really want a free domain?

My exisitng Domain expired, what can I do? - Was it a Free domain? - As part of our on-going Domain Management service to clients, we automatically re-register ALL Domains 14-days before its expiry date, this way we fully insure a full continuation of your web services, alongside avoiding any issues with you lossing your "valuable" Domain.
If you need to cancel your Domain, we will need your clear confirmation/ instruction 28-days prior to the Domains expiry date.

I already own a Domain? - If you already "own" a Domain, we can incorporate it into our Domain Management Service, via iniating a Tag Holder Transfer This then allows us to manage your Domains on a daily basis, further ensuring it's future security.

What's a Tag Holder? - As a Nominet Accredited Channel Partner we are authorised by Nominet to act as "their" , previously know as a Tag Holder. Our Nominet Tag is: COM-MA which we have traded under since becoming a Nominet Member in 1997.

I have a Domain dispute, or a complaint, what can I do? - This happens, generally when a company decides to move Domains to "another" web design company, or have just forgotten to pay a third-parties fees. Generally a "common-sense" approach resolves all issues regarding the "on-going use" of a Domain. This is something we offer via our Domain Management service. But subject to the grounds of the "dispute" or "complaint" there may be the need to further escallate this to Nominet's .
Generally, we attempt to respond and find a resolve to your complaints or dispute within 5 working days from your initial contact.

I want to move my Domain, what costs will there be? - Subject to all associated costs or accounts have been resolved before request of transfer, the following fees for Domain transfer are applicable:
£10 +VAT.
Our Adminstaration Fee: £25 +VAT, for the 1st Domain, with additional Domains charged at £10 +VAT.
Transfer of Domains, take approximatly 1-2 hours subject to all conditions being meet.

If you have any further questions about .UK Domains, please feel free to contact us: 01902 344234.


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Description: We maximise your companys potential, by minimising the risks., Based in the Black County, since 1987. We look forward to speaking with you very soon.
ma-design | is a creative design studio who uses design Management techniques., Based in the Black County, since 1987. We look forward to doing business with you soon.
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GEO Place: Penn, Wolverhampton, West Midlands. WV4 5HU

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Brand: Quadranta
Logo: Our company logotype
Company Description: has over 35 years of expertise in Design, Marketing and Branding #UKmfg, creating business success and opportunites.

Owns: Design, Branding and Marketing Professional Services Company.
Founders: Mr Clive Moore MA pg Dip BA(Hons)
Year Est: 22/06/1987
Address: 4 Church Villas, Vicarage Road, Penn, Wolverhampton, West Midlands. WV4 5HU United Kingdom.
Tel: 01902 344234
VAT No: GB 478 9845 63
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Design Management

For over 35 years, has been providing strategic design solutions to clients marketing needs ranging from; creating Brand equity, product and market research, to public relations management,

We specialise in Design Management techniques that brings together a wide range of creative disciplines together to co-ordinate and optimise the design process, through collaboration with a wide range of specialists designers and business consultants to ensure the success of every project, including: Translators, Product Designers, and Customer Services Consultants
that ensures for the final success of all design projects undertaken for our clients, including: Bowring, Berkeley Applegate & Webb, Meyrick PLUMBING, and Meyrick LANDSCAPING

Our Design Services

Our commitement to providing a focused Design Management service for our clients is backed by our 35 years working within a wide range of industries and market sectors, including: Automotive, Electro-Mechanical Engineering, and Property Management.

From experience we have developed a range of design services to compliment the end-needs of clients working within these specific fields from; Social Media Designer, Domian Name Management, Web Site Design, to Vehicle Signwriting

Social Media

Being involved with the development of online services since 1996, we have embraced the world of social media, from creating company profiles on twitter, or Facebook. Through to creating viral advertising campaigns on twitter for our clients - perhaps you should tweet us to find out more about our services on twitter @quadranta

Web Hosting

As being involved with both web design and hosting since 1996, we specialise in providing Web Site and Data Hosting solutions to meet exacting business needs for both access and security, from: Domian Names, Web Hosting, to CSS styling.

Our Products

As designers, we develop new and intuiative design solutions to meet clients specific marketing needs. But we also supply off-the-shelf solutions that provide quick, but effective solutions, ranging from: Full Colour Business cards, Exhibition Pop-up Stands, to Point-of-Sales materials.

Public Relations has a strong commitement to providing both editoral and product news via a wide range of media, including: publications and social media.

We currently use the following social media for all company and product annoucements: @madesign54, quadranta,, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

Industrial Associations

We are so keen to keep abreast of both new technology and marketing processes that can benefit both the packaging industry and end-users directly. In view of this we strongly believe in collaborating and sharing information with other members of key Industrial Associations within the Charitable Trusts, Electrical Engineering, Automation and Control, Property Management, and FMCG industrial sectors.

We are currently active members within the following Associations or Groups, including: DMi, and Design Management Institute.

Tell us about your Marketing and Design needs

We aim to please our customers doing our best to provide you with a quality experience, whether you are looking for; Industrial Photography, or want Design Management services.

We will always be pleased to talk with you about SEO Design, Exhibition Design, or Signwriting needs.

Phone us now on: 07956 344114